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I like a routine

I function best with routine which is somewhat annoying as I’m not so great at sticking to them.  I flit between many different productivity strategies, doing things in short bursts, concentrating on one thing for a while, multi-tasking and doing absolutely nothing at all.

I am currently in the doing things in short bursts moment in time, it does somewhat mean that I don’t get very much of all things done, but the other options tend to mean whole areas get neglected, be they studies or housework.

Today’s focus is on a bit of matched betting (I’ll post about this another time), getting on top of Mount Washmore (the clothes washing) and catching up on one of my Open Uni courses.

At 2.32pm, it’s not going great to be honest but, that is the story of my life, jack of all trades, master of none.

Do you have any day to day management techniques that work?